Let’s Support NYC’s Immigrant Communities!

Immigrants are the life-blood of New York City. But what happens when they first arrive? How do they navigate the system and access the basics, like healthcare? Who speaks their language if they don’t speak English? Who provides a support system for senior immigrants? 

Since 2000 (more than twenty years!) SACSS has been addressing social, cultural, educational, and economic challenges faced by South Asian and other marginalized immigrants in New York City.  Our services evolve in response to immigrant communities’ needs — for example, since Covid began, our food pantry has greatly expanded to meet the food security needs of thousands of families. 

All our programs are free. And we are proud to have a staff that speaks 18 languages – 12 of them South Asian, as well as Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, French and Haitian Creole.

Your support of our work is support for New York City’s South Asian and immigrant communities in need.

Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for supporting NYC’s South Asian and all immigrants who are seeking what we all desire: a fulfilling life.