Civic Engagement For South Asian Immigrants

From immigration rights to health justice – SACSS works on addressing the issues our community cares about.

Kids Your Vote is Your Voice

Immigrant voices often go unheard in political matters. We’re working to make sure that South Asian and all immigrant voices are part of our community dialogue through our civic activities.

  •  Let’s Get Out the Vote Together!
    • SACSS organizes various opportunities to amplify South Asian and immigrant concerns in our local elections, through door knocking, phone banking, and hosting campaign forums. Get in touch to find out how you can volunteer with us to address the issues that matter to you.
  • Help Us Count Every Voice
    • Here at SACSS, we work to make sure that immigrants are counted in the national census. Each person counted means more dollars for our community resources, including schools and hospitals. So far we’ve helped close the census gap by knocking doors, creating public service announcements, partnering with local elected officials, and more!