SACSS’s Women’s Wellness Circle Shares Empowering Perspectives on Forgiveness

SACSS’s Women’s Wellness Circle Shares Empowering Perspectives on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not always easy for most, but it is an essential part of healing and moving forward. SACSS’s Women’s Wellness Circle discussed this topic and emphasized the importance of Global Forgiveness Day, which is dedicated to reflecting on the power of forgiveness and its impact on our lives.

Global Forgiveness Day, celebrated on July 7 every year, was first officially recognized in 1994 to promote peace and understanding across cultures.

Our Women’s Wellness Circle participants engaged in a heartwarming discussion about forgiveness. They shared their perspectives on the act of forgiving and how it fosters a sense of unity and understanding, paving the way for inner peace.


How is Global Forgiveness Day celebrated? Our participants learned that one way is to reach out to an estranged family member or friend. It’s a chance to mend broken relationships and open the door to forgiveness. We can also make a list of people we need to forgive.

Letting go of past grievances can free us from negative emotions and allow us to move forward with a lighter heart. Lastly, watching a film about forgiveness can be a poignant reminder of the impact of letting go and moving on.

Forgiveness is a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. By opening up about our struggles with forgiveness, we not only find solace but also inspire others to embark on their own path of healing.