Health Care Access to South Asian Immigrants in New York

From Medicare to Prescriptions, SACSS helps you access healthcare.

a person handing another person a flyer on the sidewalk of a New York City street

Seeking health insurance? Wondering how to navigate the complex healthcare system? SACSS provides one-on-one guidance through every step of the application process to help you navigate Medicaid, Medicare, long term care, options for the uninsured and beyond.

Here’s how SACSS can support you:

  • Get Healthcare Coverage:
    • SACSS’s certified application counselors can help you find affordable health coverage that best suits your needs and budget. SACSS is also part of the NYC Health + Hospitals NYC Care program, which provides health coverage to the undocumented and underinsured. Our enrollment services are open to all.
  • Understand Your Healthcare Plan:
    • Are you enrolled in a health insurance plan, but struggling to figure out how to actually use your benefits? SACSS Community Health Advocates can help you access and maintain your insurance benefits. This service is available in person or on the phone in any one of the 20 languages our staff speak.
  • Access Long-Term Care:
    • Do you need help finding long term care services like Managed Long Term Care (MLTC), adult day care and nursing homes? SACSS partners with ICAN to help you access these services.
  • Discover More Benefits:
    • You may be eligible for many other government benefits, such as SNAP (Food Stamps), Access-A-Ride, Rental Assistance, Low-Fare Metrocards, and other benefits. SACSS can help you find out if you’re eligible for public benefits and assist you with applying.
  • Public Health Community Outreach:
    • SACSS is dedicated to making sure our community is informed about and has access to public health issues and services. In addition to one-on-one services, SACSS conducts a wide variety of community outreach programs, including educational workshops, tabling, and partnering with other organizations. SACSS is also a part of Access Health NYC Initiative.
  • COVID-19 Community Health Outreach:
    • SACSS has been responding to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic by helping people access, and learn about their health care options, get vaccinated, and more. SACSS has undertaken a major effort to increase awareness of how to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic, including:
      • Widespread distribution of PPE (Personal protective equipment,) and masks.
      • Partnering with healthcare providers in setting up COVID-19 testing units.
      • Organizing and hosting Vaccine mobile units and
      • Assisting community members to secure vaccination appointments, and more.
      • As the pandemic continues, some community members remain concerned about the impact of the vaccine, in part due to misinformation online and elsewhere. Through our outreach and programs, SACSS makes it a priority to keep community members informed with accurate information, and addresses issues of vaccination hesitancy.