Food Pantry for Asian Immigrants in New York

From dal to dhania, cabbage to cumin, SACSS’s culturally palatable pantry is a comforting source of familiar foods

Whether you need help putting dinner on the table tonight or need long term access to food staples, SACSS food pantry is available to you. Our goal is to establish food security for the many individuals and families in our  community who hail from different regions, hold diverse religious beliefs, and speak various  languages.

  • Visit Our Food Pantry
    • SACSS maintains the first culturally appropriate food pantry in New York City. Our Flushing based pantry is open to all, every Wednesday and Thursday  from 9:30-1pm. Our food pantry specializes in stocking Asian food staples, fresh vegetables and fruits, and is staffed with workers who speak several languages. Registration is confidential and accessible to everybody, including seniors and those with limited mobility.
  • Food Pantry Home Delivery Program
    • SACSS’s Food pantry Home Delivery Program provides a critical nutrition lifeline for South Asian, AAPI and other immigrant individuals who are chronically ill and/or older and homebound. If you are someone who needs grocery delivered to home, please call us at (718) 321-7929 or write to