Unfortunately, my health has worsened in the last few years. I am also in need of long term care due to my disabilities. I have no family members in New York, and I used to think that my life would end sooner or later, and no one would care. 

One day, my neighbor saw a SACSS outreach worker at an event in Jackson Heights. He told me to call SACSS and see if they can help me get access to the healthcare I desperately needed. I called SACSS and was connected right away to their health advocate. The advocate made changes to my New York State of Health Marketplace application, spoke to my health insurance provider, and helped me get all the services I needed. 

Now I have a home health aide, a counselor, transportation service, and most importantly, a strong WILL and desire to get healthier!! All of this became possible because of what SACSS did for me. 

– SACSS Client, Case Management/Healthcare & Public Benefits Access