311 recently connected me to SACSS to get help with an Access-A-Ride application. When I called the office to make an appointment, I found out that they have many other programs including a Senior Center.

My husband passed away in 2022 and I have been extremely lonely since. I was hesitant to go to the Center because I did not feel like being around people. But when I came to complete the Access-A-Ride application I visited the Senior Center – I remember they had salsa classes going on. Everyone was so friendly and I really felt good.

Since then I have been going to the Senior Center regularly. For a few hours I feel less lonely. It provides the opportunity to take care of myself mentally and physically and is helping me cope with my grief. I have recently started bi-weekly counseling at SACSS, as well, and it is great that I have someone to talk to about things.

– SACSS Client, Case Management/Public Benefits Access, Senior Center