Bank of America volunteers support SACSS Food Pantry 

Bank of America volunteers support SACSS Food Pantry 

Rain or shine, Bank of America volunteers are helping to make a difference in their communities. 

On Jan. 25, 10 Bank of America volunteers visited the SACSS food pantry, where they packaged food items for distribution to help families and individuals in need in the Flushing community. 

Each volunteer prepared bags of food staples, including bagels, rice, lentils, cereal, macaroni and cheese, milk and spices. Clients can choose between two pre-made grocery bags with culturally inclusive foods. 

“Even on a rainy day, there are so many folks who are here for the food pantry, and it feels great that there’s a purpose to our work,” said Pearl Ngai, a volunteer leader at Bank of America. “We are helping people facing food insecurity or needing extra help in the kitchen department. It’s great to see such a willingness at the bank to support our local community. Most of the volunteers are Queens locals, so it feels wonderful that Queens is supporting Queens.”

For Amy Woo, a Forest Hills resident, it was her second time volunteering at the SACSS food pantry. Woo and other Bank of America employees volunteered at the food pantry in November 2023. 

“The first time I was here, I was impressed with the organization and its efficiency and the community it serves,” Woo said. “It’s heartwarming, and I feel like I’m making a difference, especially in the Asian community.” 

James Tam, who resides in Bayside, said giving back to the community is a way of appreciating what it has provided for himself and his family. 

“I’m impressed with the food pantry – it’s very well organized and places things logically. The supportive staff are accommodating, so we can get along with our work immediately,” Tam said. “I’m also impressed with how much food there is, and it’s very moving to see all these thousands of bags going out to people in need. It’s a worthy cause, and I’m thankful for the organization.” 

According to Ngai, every employee at Bank of America is encouraged to participate in a volunteer program.

“It’s built into the culture of wanting to give back, having resources, and working within our communities,” Ngai said. “When employees volunteer 50 hours, they can apply for a $500 grant to give to an organization of their choosing.” 

Through Bank of America’s Volunteer Program, employees are helping to serve communities, whether through mentoring youth, empowering people with financial knowledge, or building affordable housing in partnership with Habitat for Humanity for families. 

SACSS thanks Bank of America for its volunteer program and appreciates their support in helping us serve our communities.