Stunning Mural by Artists Katie Yamasaki and Caleb Neelon Adorns SACSS’ Walls

Stunning Mural by Artists Katie Yamasaki and Caleb Neelon Adorns SACSS’ Walls

SACSS is delighted to share that we have not one, but two beautiful new murals created by artists KatieYamasaki and CalebNeelon!  

These two amazing artists worked with SACSS to design and fill the entrance walls of SACSS’ Community Center in Flushing with two beautiful murals full of color, vibrance, and images that represent our richly varied Queens community, and the people we are honored to serve and partner with.

The murals took one day to create (and many months in planning!) and feature the trademark sea of colorful dots surrounding faces that give a glimpse of the millions who make their home in Queens. The two murals face each other as you enter the SACSS Community Center providing a warm, colorful, and celebratory welcome to all. 

SACSS is so grateful for this artistic collaboration that will adorn our community center for years to come, representing our vibrant community, its journey, voice, stories and heartfelt passion! Thank you KatieYamasaki and CalebNeelon for doing this for us, and for using your art to put on display a visual on behalf of so many communities from so many corners of the world…. now, including our SACSS community!

About the artists: 

Katie Yamasaki is Brooklyn-based muralist, children’s book artist, and public school art teacher, who has traveled widely and painted over 80 murals (many in collaboration with @CalebNeelon that explore local issues of identity and social justice. She uses a participatory approach, working with local community members to find ways to best communicate their stories. For more about this extraordinary artist’s work at or on her Instagram page: @katieyamasaki. 

Caleb Neelon is a Cambridge/Mass.-based artist and writer, who became immersed in the global graffiti scene under the name SONIK. He  has since become renowned for his vivid, homespun, and raw style of mixed media painting in cities from Kathmandu to São Paulo. He crosses the boundaries between graffiti, murals, and street art. His work spans decades of artistic collaborations and across a diverse range of artistic and cultural institutional platform. For more about his work: