Women Working Under Covid-19 Panel

Women Working Under Covid-19 Panel

Partners with All India Women’s Conference and NGO Committee on Human Rights NY for Online Panel

On March 31st, SACSS Partnered with the All India Women’s Conference and the NGO Committee on Human Rights NY for “Women Working Under Covid-19”, an online panel addressing the challenges and career setbacks that women have experienced during the global pandemic. The panel featured speakers from India, the United States, and the Caribbean, and was moderated by SACSS Executive Director, Sudha Acharya. 

This panel, which was part of the 66th NGO Commission on the Status of Women, examined the long term economic and social impact of Covid-19 on working women, and recommended targeted solutions for this challenge. You can view a recording of the panel here

Representatives from the All India Women’s Conference provided comprehensive statistics on the experience of women in India, as they had to manage households on a tighter budget, while balancing increased childcare, while also working from home. 

Bobbi Nassar described the mental toll the pandemic took on women, and the need for increased access to mental health care. Bibi Ahamad spoke to the challenges that Covid-19 presented for victims of domestic violence, and how lack of access to internet and communications affected women during the pandemic. Aneela Bhagwat presented the specific issues Indo-Caribbean women faced during the pandemic, particularly regarding how the region’s lack of access to vaccine and transportation shutdowns affected domestic workers, among other working women in Trinidad.